服务于Peach, Crawford和Bibb县

乔治亚州立法机关制定了乔治亚州问责法院计划, one of several significant criminal justice reform initiatives established to provide effective alternatives to sentencing for nonviolent offenders and reduce the state's prison population. 问责法院项目的既定目标是:

  • 让格鲁吉亚的问责法庭扩大规模;
  • 降低监禁率;
  • 确定问责法院的资金优先次序;
  • Encourage adherence to standards; and
  • 拯救生命,重建家庭.

The Macon Judicial Circuit currently offers four Accountability Court programs: Macon Judicial Circuit 毒品法庭, 梅肯司法巡回精神健康法庭 , Macon Judicial Circuit Problem Solving Court  and Macon Judicial Circuit 退伍军人治疗法庭. Currently these court sessions are all conducted in Macon and 桃县 residents who are referred to the programs must have transportation to and from Macon.

The mission of the Macon Judicial Circuit 问责法院 is to enhance public safety through a coordinated effort of treatment and intense supervision within the judicial system by promoting abstinence, 守法的行为, 合规, 通过及时干预来参与. The goal is to reduce the recidivism rate by offering the offender an alternative to incarceration and the tools to abstain from illegal activity through a combined effort of cost-effective measures encourage the offender to become a productive and law-abiding citizen. Those who violate the program terms and are terminated from the program may face probation revocation and prison sentences.


The primary purpose of the 毒品法庭 Program is to provide a rehabilitative alternative to incarceration and/or commitment to the Department of Community Supervision for the substance abusing offender. 该计划是一个涉及个人的三阶段干预计划, 家庭, and group counseling; frequent and random drug testing; frequent court appearances.

The Court awards incentives for compliant behavior and imposes sanctions for negative behavior. Participants who do not comply with the rules may be moved back to a previous phase of the program, 分配的社区服务工作, 或者被临时拘留. Successful completion of the program results in charges being purged from the official record.

The mission of the 毒品法庭 Program is to reduce crime and recidivism by substance-abusing offenders. The benefits of this program are an increase in the safety and security of the shareholders of this community, 监狱人口的减少, 减少出生时对非法药物上瘾的婴儿数量.



The Macon Judicial Circuit has instituted a voluntary Mental Health Court based on proven national research and program models overseen by the Honorable Judge Verda M. 科尔文. The Mental Health Court provides clients with an opportunity to pursue treatment for their mental health needs, 同时有效地解决相关的法律问题.

The Mental Health Court was implemented in January 2009 under the direction of 高等法院 Judge Phillip Brown. 法院是法官之间的伙伴关系, 地方检察官, 司法部副部长, 缓刑, 执法, 治疗小组, 辩护律师和社会. This treatment program is typically 12 to 24 months in duration and consists of five phases.参与者需要参加课程, 接受治疗, and participate in self-help activities and any other required activates required by the treatment team to meet individual needs. Participants are routinely drug tested and provided support to live a lifestyle free of drugs and alcohol.

The Mental Health Court Program admits those individuals charged with crimes in which mental illness was a substantial contributing factor and whose mental illness can be treated and stabilized. 服务的县包括比布、克劳福德和皮奇. 潜在客户必须住在, and/ or have legal charges in these counties and must have dependable transportation to Macon.

Mental Health Court is designed to not only impact the lives of the participants enrolled in the program, but also to offer cost avoidance to the count and increase safety and provide productive citizens back into the local community! 具体福利包括:

  • 把客户从县监狱带走
  • 加强公共安全
  • 减少累犯
  • 降低县的成本
  • 帮助皮奇县、克劳福德县和比布县的居民康复!



The 父母责任法庭 Program (PAC) is the result of cooperative partnerships between multiple Judicial Circuits, 法院行政办公室和乔治亚州人类服务部, 儿童抚养服务司. PAC seeks to address underlying issues that make it difficult for non-custodial parents to pay child support while providing Judges with an alternative to incarceration in civil contempt cases.

家长责任法庭(PAC), 前身为问题解决法庭, seeks to remove the underlying issues that cause noncustodial parents (NCP) to become chronic non-payers of child support. 这个项目将为监禁提供另一种选择.

一旦被录取, 在同意公共账目委员会条款及条件后, the participant’s role is to utilize community resources and Workforce Training volunteer work to achieve self-sufficiency. 参与者可以通过获得可持续就业来做到这一点, 通过消除教育和交通等长期障碍. 在失业期间,每周应积极寻找工作40小时. 参与者应完成入职流程, 参加定期的小组会议, 与指定的协调员会面, 与服务提供商保持一致, 并与css合作. 必须完成技能课程. 一旦有酬就业, 参加者必须定期缴付子女抚养费及欠款, 作为命令.

参与者可以获得许多帮助他们找到工作的福利. 其中包括:驾驶执照更新援助, 重要记录/文件协助, 成人教育转介, 免费的职业培训机会, 工作机会实习, 找工作和写简历, 最后, 雇主推荐完成入学并进入第一阶段的参与者.



The voluntary 退伍军人治疗法庭 Program is a collaboration between the 高等法院, 州法院, 美国退伍军人事务部, 地方检察官办公室, 公设辩护律师事务所, 比布县警长办公室, 桃县警长办公室, 克劳福德县警长办公室, 州法院 of Bibb County 缓刑 Department and State of Georgia Department of Community Supervision.

The goal of Veterans Court is to link veterans in the criminal justice system with needed services that may include, 但不限于, 药物滥用治疗, 创伤后应激障碍的治疗, mental health treatment and community resources that will improve the veteran’s life and eliminate further involvement with the criminal justice system.

The mission of the 退伍军人治疗法庭 Program is to enhance public safety and reduce recidivism of criminal defendants who are veterans by connecting them with VA benefits, treatment services and supports and to find appropriate dispositions to their criminal charges by considering the defendant’s treatment needs and the seriousness of the offense.